Must-Try Foods From Dubai


Dubai is one of the popular destinations in the world for the holidays. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Also, a lot of people visit Dubai for the refreshment, holidays, etc. The world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa is also in Dubai. It is one of the top attractions to visit in Dubai.

The BURJ AL ARAB is a luxury hotel in Dubai city. It is one of the tallest hotels globally and is only the seven-star hotel in the world and one of the most expensive luxury hotels and it contains a man-made island that connects to the mainland by a curving bridge. It is a grand feat of modern architecture. Dubai is also popular with the world’s biggest malls (Dubai Mall) and luxury shopping. As well as, Dubai is also famous for its food. food over there is really delicious even it is healthy and high in protein.

List of Popular Dubai Food

1. Kanfeh

Kanfeh is a traditional dessert made with shredded filo pastry, sugar-based syrup, layered with cheese, and soaked in sweet. In addition, it is a popular dessert in the middle east. Kanfeh is mainly cooked during Ramadam. Also, it is the meal eaten by Muslims at sundown to break their fast.

2. Luqaimat

Luqaimat is a fried dought food, origin from Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Cyprus. Furthermore, It is a dessert made with Dry yeast, eggs, Lemon juice, Vegetable oil, and warm water. In Greece, they are considered the oldest recorded dessert. Luqaimat is sweet dumplings served mostly in the holy month of Ramadan.

3. Machboos

Machboos is a traditional rice dish made with whole local spices including cardamom and cinnamon, then mixed with dried lemon. It is a popular Saudi Arabian rice dish made with either lamb or chicken. In addition, Machboos means pressed in Arabic. 

4. Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee is traditionally made in a briki, a tiny copper pot. It is made from roasted coffee beans, which are lightly roasted and a mix with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, or saffron. 

5. Margoogat

This stew will blow your taste buds with its immense taste of meat, cooked with garam masala spices and vegetables. Different variations of Margoogat can be found across the city, it is made with chicken or lamb, and some simply made with baby marrow and potato. 

6. Samboosa

Samboosa is a traditional Omani recipe for pastry stuffed with ground beef and deep-fried. It is triangular-shaped and filled with potatoes for the vegetarians while others have the options to choose meat, vegetables, and spices. In Dubai, you can find cheese samboosa which is really famous.

7. Khubz

Khubz is a kind of Arabic flatbread that is popular all over the Middle Easter and Gulf regions. It is easy to make and it is so exciting to see it puff up in the oven.

8. Chebad

Chebad is a delicious pancake that is normally served at breakfast. The ingredients are all-purpose flour, yeast, milk, salt, sugar, egg, saffron, cardamom powder.

9. Stuffed Camel

Stuffed camel is considered as traditional food. It is served only when there is a special occasion, festival, and family event.

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