Contract and Booking

A passenger refers to all the persons named on the booking who wants to Travel with us and the term the company “we” or “us” refers to Geoland Travel Agent LLC established in 2019. Whose principal office is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? All clients must have read, understood, and accepted all the conditions applied by us. The booking will be confirmed once the full payment is received. The contact between Geoland Travel and the passenger will exist once it is confirmed in writing. Once the contract is made the client is dully bound by law and Geoland.

These conditions apply equally to all the passengers’ names mentioned in the booking. The passenger guarantee’s that he/she has the authority to accept and do accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of the passenger’s party.

Geoland Travel reserve the full right to decline the booking at their will without any further explanation.

Name Change Amendment

Please note that the passenger must provide the full correct name as appeared on the passport at the time of booking. As the airlines won’t permit name changes on issued tickets Geoland Travel Agent will not take any responsibility for any charges that may occur in the submission of the incorrect names. We recommend you submit a passport copy at the time of booking.

Payment and Pricing Policy

The booking will be confirmed only after receiving full payment and once the written confirmation note is issued by Geoland Travel. Geoland Travel reserves the full right to cancel or make changes if required we will not be responsible for the difference in price due to different circumstances which are outside the control of Geoland Travel. We have full authority to increase the rates of booking in case of an increase in transportation cost charge is due, taxes or fees chargeable for service, an increase in hotel rate, or case of availability issues.

The rates advertised here are subject to seasonal changes, and exchange rates and may vary slightly. Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer.

Tourism Dirham

Please note that as per the Dubai Government‘s council resolution No 2 of 2014, all the hotels and resorts will apply the Tourism Dirham for all the hotel accommodations in Dubai. The Tourism Dirham will be applied and charged to guests at the time of check out by the hotel.

Green Tax Maldives

As per the new policy which was implemented by the Government of Maldives on 01 Oct 2016. The green tax must be paid by the passengers to the hotel directly upon checkout.

Cancellation by Clients

If the passenger wishes to cancel their booking, then they must inform us in writing to us in Advance signed by the lead passenger. We will only cancel the booking on the date the cancellation is requested in writing form or else the following cancellation charges will apply.

Before Departure Percentage of cancellation
Up to 8 days 125 USD per person
7 to 3 days (72 hours) 50 %
Less than 72 hours 100%

The rate of Air Ticket and partially used services are non-refundable


Any amendments or changes must be informed and confirmed 72 hours before departure or else it will be chargeable as per the availability. The request change is not guaranteed. In case of death, injury, or serious illness of the client or his family, or jury services the booking may be possible to transfer from another date or if the refund is payable by Geoland Travel to the client then the amount will be calculated as per the terms and condition as evidence of exceptional circumstances bank charge levied for processing the credited amount will not be paid by Geoland Travel. We have full right to substitute the hotel listed with others of a similar category. In case of flight cancellation, Geoland Travel has the full right to cancel the booking and refund the amount of the full package price to the passengers without paying any penalties to the customer.

Name Change Amendments

Please note that the passenger must provide the full correct name as appeared on the passport at the time of booking as the airlines won’t permit name change on issued tickets. Geoland Travel will not take any responsibility for any changes that may occur in the submission of the incorrect names. We recommend you submit passport copies at the time of booking.

Product Information

All the product information has been published by Geoland Travel in good faith and will use its best endeavors to operate all products. We reserve the right to change any of the facilities and services described in its website and publications and to substitute alternative arrangement of comparable monetary value without compensation and accepts no liability for loss.

Inclusion and Exclusions

The price of any standard package includes only the items specified. It does not include items of a personal nature like personal insurance, transportation services beyond those mentioned in the itinerary, refreshments, telephone calls, laundry, tips, meals and beverages unless specified, optional excursions, visa fees, gratuities, or taxes. Usage of any above-mentioned exclusions must be borne by the passenger from his expenses. The passengers must read all the inclusions and exclusions mentioned in the itinerary carefully at the time of booking.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance must be done to travel to most countries to cover at least emergency medical and repatriation expenses. The policy applies to all passengers aged less than 65 years at the date of policy was issued. Geoland Travel does not hold any responsibility for any injuries and damage caused to the passenger from the time of booking for the full duration of the tour. If a passenger wishes to add their additional insurance, then they will be responsible for an additional cost.


Geoland Travel doesn’t hold liability for loss, damage, delay, accident, injury, or any other irregularity arising at the time of the tour. Geoland Travel only acts as The Tour Operator on behalf of the supplier and the airlines. Geoland Travel does not have direct control over the service and facilities provided by the suppliers thus Geoland Travel will not be held responsible for errors or omission made by the supplier. Geoland Travel will not take responsibility for the additional charges levied for delay, accident, or disruption of the products beyond control.


Geoland Travel will not take any responsibility for any delays before departure or during travel occurred due to airline technical issues, weather conditions, strikes, or any other circumstances out of control. Expenses related to these extensions will be bear by the passenger himself.

Travel Documentation

It is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain all the necessary documents, passports, visa permits, vaccination, and medicines certificates that may be needed to travel. It is the duty of the passenger to check all the details provided on the travel documents are correct upon receipt. Please contact Geoland Travel immediately in case of any mistakes. The passenger will be held responsible for ensuring they have provided correct and necessary documentation before the departure date.

Health and Conduct

All the passengers must make sure that they are fit and in condition to travel before departure. Any kind of pre-existing medical conditions or illness must be informed at the time of booking and make arrangements for any medication or other kind of treatment which may be required during the tour. In the case of a passenger, ill health Geoland Travel may make arrangements as required and recover the cost from the passenger. Failure to inform Geoland Travel at the time of booking will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and relieve Geoland Travel from any obligation and liability.

Local Law and Client Exclusion

All the passengers must accept the law and order of the authority and decisions of Geoland Travel and its suppliers and representative on tour. Geoland Travel shall not be responsible for any passenger who commits an illegal or unlawful act while on the tour.

Force Majeure and Extraordinary Events

Geoland Travel has full right to cancel the booking in case of unusual circumstances like war, the threat of war, civil strike, riot, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, nuclear disaster, fire, pandemic, epidemic, weather conditions, flight cancellation, or any other extra circumstances beyond the control of Geoland Travel.

If after the announcement of any above-mentioned event, it will take a maximum of 12 months to process the refund. If the flights get canceled after booking has been confirmed due to the above-mentioned reasons, then passengers will get refunded up to 60% of the unused service only after confirmation from the airlines, hotels, and other service providers. The cancellation process will take up to 12 months. The refund will be given to the passengers only after Geoland Travel receives the amount from the suppliers. However, the passenger can request to transfer the existing booking to be rescheduled for the future.


If you have any complaints regarding the service provided by Geoland Travel, a complaint must be done immediately. Geoland Travel will try every effort to resolve the problem to meet passenger satisfaction. If the passenger fails to complain immediately Geoland Travel will not be held responsible or at least reduce liability to pay the compensation. Also, Geoland Travel will not be able to rectify any problem if it is unaware of